The Orgy of Racist Bigots & Interracial Love

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The Orgy of Pigs & Elephants & Donkeys at Uncle Sam's Whorehouse

Part 13 of the musical by Wolf Larsen


And then everyone rushes off the stage and leaves two heterosexual couples on stage. One is a black couple. One is a white couple.


The white woman looks at the white man and sings: "We both have blonde hair & blue eyes!"


The white man sings back: "Yes, you look just like my mother!"


The white woman sings back: "That's kind of strange!"


The black woman on the other side of the stage puts her arm next to the black man's arm and sings: "We're both black!"


The black man answers singing: "Yes, you look just like my sister!"


The black woman looks at the audience and exclaims: "That's weird!"


Then the black woman begins looking at the white man and smiling, and the white man smiles back, and meanwhile the black man & the white woman are also looking at each other and smiling.


The black man & the white man look at each other and sing at the same time: "Would you like to trade?"


The white woman & the black women also look at each other and sing: "I'm bored! Would you like to trade?"


And that's exactly what they do.


The harp begins playing a sweet romantic melody.


On one side of the stage the black woman & the white man sing: "Let's make babies! Our babies will be as gorgeous as the most beautiful sunsets & sunrises ever to grace the earth! Let's make lots & lots of sunsets & sunrises together! Let's wrap the blue sky around our naked bodies and make love!"


The harp continues playing sweetly –


On the other side of the stage the white woman & the black man sing: "Let's begin the baby-making rituals of delicious leisure! Our babies will be the greatest joy – our babies will be the most beautiful people the Earth has ever seen! Giant flowers of botanical gardens will surround our endless lovemaking as we fill the world with our endless wonderful interracial babies!"


Then all of a sudden the entire orchestra jumps alive and plays a frenzy of chaOs-chAos-chaoS!


All of a sudden a whole bunch of crazy-looking people both white & black descend on the stage and surround both interracial couples (who have joined together in the center of the stage in terror). And all the angry crazy-looking people sing: "Oh no! Oh electric dragonflies of hell! Interracial dating! How can white and black people have sex with each other?! If blacks and whites have sex with each other then all the clouds will begin raining endless dildos & vibrators upon us for 40 days & 40 nights! If blacks and whites have sex with each other then we’ll all be castigated by God with 24-hour 365 day long Catholic masses that will never end with the eternal blabbering of the priest torturing us with endless boredom!"


The entire orchestra jumps up and plays: "OOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOO!"


And then all the crazy types run off the stage in a mob-like hysteria as the orchestra plays craZy-hYsterical-mUsic.


And both interracial couples begin singing together: "Our babies will be more wonderful than all the trees & flowers & singing birds of the rainforest! Our naked bodies will be sensuous sculptures making joy together! It will feel sooo good! Oh sooo very very gooood!"

Copyright 2012 by Wolf Larsen