The Orgy of Homophobic Bigots

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The Orgy of Pigs & Elephants & Donkeys at Uncle Sam's Whorehouse

Part 11 of the Musical by Wolf Larsen


And then a giant penis walks on stage and announces to the audience: "hi! I'm penis!"


And then a giant butt walks on stage and announces to the audience: "hi! I'm butt!"


And then penis & butt sing together: "we're homosexuals!"


And then all of a sudden the stage is deluged with all kinds of screaming crazy people who surround penis & butt, and all these screaming crazy people sing: "oh no! homosexuality! If we don't stop the gay agenda god's testicles will explode world war iii all over us as punishment, and then transvestite hippopotamuses & giraffes from the zoo will conquer our cities with lysol commercials! If we don't stop the gay agenda the ground will disappear under our feet and the entire human race will be falling & falling into hell! If we don't stop this gay agenda all our eyes will disappear from our faces and god will steal all our feet as punishment!"


"God's punishment! God's punishment!" roars the entire orchestra.


And then all is silent.


That's when a giant vagina comes on stage and sings: "hello! i'm vagina!"


And then a giant tongue comes out on stage and sings: "hello! I'm tongue!"


And then the giant vagina & the giant tongue put their arms around each other and face the audience and sing: "we're lesbians!"


And then all the crazy people surround giant vagina & giant tongue and they All scream/sing: "lesbians!!! oh watch out for god's exploding testicles! Lesbianism is millions of tongues of female devils slithering into all the vaginas of America! Giant tongues will squiggle out of our mouths and all our tongues will be licking & licking the devil's penis! And headless fried chickens will start jumping out of all our butts! We must stop the lesbian agenda or these and other great calamities will come to pass! God will punish us with endless mind numbingly boring speeches on c-span for the sins of these lesbians!"


The entire orchestra roars: "sins! transgressions! punishment!"


Copyright 2012 by Wolf Larsen