The Shareholder's Meeting On Midgard, System 7

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you, our newest product; the E.L.E, or Electrodynamic Light Engine. Converting anti-matter to storable, usable energy, this will be the hot item for the next 50 years. This engine will power everything from factories, to the next generation of military aircraft and ground vehicles, and will even be scaled down and adapted to power first generation urban pacification droids for off-world campaigns and escort duty to and from off-world sites. Our goal is to provide more reliable, more advanced energy solutions for those corporations wishing to invest in, not only a more clean and efficient future, but in a new generation of military guards, that will go longer, fight harder, and outlive any previous generation when powered by the E.L.E; human, artificial or otherwise. An investment in the Electrodynamic Light Engine is an investment in your safety and your future.