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I tried to write a poem,
But all I got was words
'cause sometimes feelings, as you know,
Are better thought than heard.

If only I could tell you
What knowing you has meant,
You'd understand the value of
The little time we've spent.

I often wish for longer,
And sometimes I might pray
That God would sympathize with me
And let you longer stay.

But I'll not try to understand
Why life is so unfair,
For my efforts, if not futile,
Would only lead to my despair.

And so, I'll let you go away;
I'll shed no parting tears.
For I have hope we'll meet again
In more convenient years.

I hope you'll leave with no regrets,
But think of me and smile,
And know that my affection lasts
Although you're gone a while.

But as for now, please leave in peace.
Embrace with all your might
The love, the joy, the good times spent,
And prepare to take your flight.

I hope your journey proves you strong,
At heart, and soul, and mind;
And don't forget- but don't look back.
You have a home to find.

I hope that life will make you smile.
I wish you all the best.
I pray sincerely that you will
In life, and love, be blessed.