first night loved

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Glistening eyes
Hiding our true selves in disguise
Biting my lip to resist temptation
Now left with no hesitation
Your soft caress against my face
Leaning in for our lips to embrace
Subtle sweet kiss
Melts inside with such bliss
Passionate desire fills the air
An urge I just couldn’t bare
Clenching me closer
I feel the rush
The pulsating lust through every vein
Enchanting me
Inviting me, enticing me in
Adrenaline flowing
Grabbing his face ever so gently
His soft succulent lips reach my vulnerable neck
A warm feeling over comes my body
Tingles spreading in every which way
Mind wanders freely not knowing what to say
Consuming and filling the empty lacking void
My heart starts to race
Pounding so intense
Every beat was for him
Ever tear I had cry
Every smile I had made
It was all for him
And now at last, he was finally mine
The warmness so intense yet ever so simplice
Now throbbing with sensation breathlessly
His kisses had become filled with passion
I knew I wanted it
Then I let go
He pulled my waist close to his warm beating body
Slowly lifting my shirt
Caressing my goosed bumped breast
Calming my chills that were sent down my spine
I then pinned him onto the bed full of sheets
Lifting his shirt to reveal his glowing body
Gracefully moving my fingers over his smooth seductive chest
As I kiss him making my way down his stomach
I look at him and smile
making my way back up
As we toss in turn we are left with our pure naked bodies
Lit up by the windows moonlight
I seek for his longing touch
Intertwined through these welcoming sheets
Nose to nose
Cheek to cheek
Body to body
Skin to skin
We weren’t just naked on the outside but on the inside
I had let him into me but as well with my heart
In that moment our eyes had meet
Only three words dripped from his lips
“I love you”
He moves his lips across my smooth cheeks upon my urging neck
Gently kissing my entire body
Intensified with lust
Fingers slipping threw his hair
Sweet smell of his luring cologne
Taste of his skin lingering on my lips
Pulsating feelings of pleasure racing through my body
Entering my body so warm and pleasing
An exhilarating rush
The thick cool air surrounding our ever tender bodies
Passionate kisses as he continues
Feeling him deep inside
Something I had always imagined
The wet warming pleasure intensifies
Shivering thrills
Pulsing with his love, flowing in my empty veins
Energized with his touch
His warm fingertips trailing down my body
Alive with his gaze of desire
Beads of sweat trickled down his face onto my succulent breasts
A refreshing chill of what is was like to feel again
Gasping for air
The heat of my breath racing down his neck
Nails clenching into his back
The sounds of my love had been released
The aching of my empty void
Had been filled with his passion
It had consumed me like an aggressive beast
Lurking and exploring new parts of myself that never had been released
Tension through my muscles tingled
The divine pressure of his secure body
A sensational pleasure spiraled through ever nerve and vein
Feeling his every last thrust
Deep, hard, fast
I bite his neck, lightly sucking about his smooth skin
I touch him back, sending his head back with pleasure
Heavy breaths into his echoing ears
Straddled, He feels the wetness around his body
The tense tightness so enticing
Gliding across his body so intensfully
Holding on to his hands
He gently turns me over
Letting the throbbing sensations take over our bare bodies
Legs inter twined, fingers splipping through my hair like water
Two hearts then began beating as one
Gently tickling his fingers along my spine
I hold onto him ever so closely and endearing
I knew he wasn’t going anywhere
Meshed together, relaxed in each other’s arms
He pulls me closer, looking into his eyes, into his soul
He mumbles “you’ve never been loved”
Sealing our enveloped love with an enchanting kiss
Unforgettable, unregretful, a memorable night stringing to another
It had been my first night loved.

forever and always <3 Jenn