A Shining Light

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Hi everyone...

I'm new here, and just posted a bunch of my poems on my wall. I have no idea if they're any good (I suspect not); I just write from the heart based on how I'm feeling. After being really badly hurt twice in 2011, I met someone who taught me to trust again. I love him deeply, but I'm pretty sure he has no clue... This poem is about him.

A Shining Light

My bright light is not with me,
and hasn't been since the spring.
He shines from afar ever brightly;
each thought of him makes my heart sing.

His light shone into my heart one day,
when in darkest depths I did dwell.
He pulled me out, and taught me to smile,
and broke through my self-imposed shell.

And now my heart is filled with hope,
that in his light I may bask.
I worry that he does not feel the same way,
so I hide my love with a mask.

You see, his heart belongs to another,
though his heart I could wish to possess.
So to be his friend, is my only end,
and my love I can never confess.