The Taste Of Love

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A trace of a smile
I had seen you a couple times
I had also memorized
The sway of you
The ways of you
One interaction and I thought...
You could be mine
All of the time

Time was spent
We were spent
On the verge of what I thought could be
I never thought it could end so suddenly
Our hearts had no relevance
Pushed a way, I fell
Hoping and wishing you would pick me up again

Once standing the feeling overcome
I knew you for the great you were
The beast you were
I would go through the pushes and pulls for you
As long as I could some how come up again

I wished to come up for air
I drowned at times
Swimming through clashes of waves
In the end I knew you would wave
Never kept by you
Always wanting and needing
Pleading wouldn't come
My heart still worth bleeding.