Collected at the Collar

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They drag me through these halls,
I'd really like to meet, said archetypes,
Though their dialects were aforementioned,
alas I dodged the retention their jargon needed,
but for a bargain I could buy the full set of texts

These halls are more like million dollar
doll house horror stories,
Some child's putrid view of heaven,
Pictures strewn the place-a-plenty,
Even in haste I could see the faces

A gripping hallway picture show,
See me again I'll be sure to grow
a spine instead of this upper
torso so you can beat it in,
Pick me up out front ma

I'm not taking the bus again



Load me up into the cargo bay,
Smash the switch,
Counting down to the breach,
Smash your lids,
Here's a story to tell the kids,

Collected at the collar,
Why bother when my weight of late
is give or take buck fifty,
Someones been working out
While my face is worshiping the ground,
This movement strikes me as religion
You lead, I'll follow against better decision

Strong armed into the cargo bay,
Slammed the door and with
Palms placed into pockets,
Smashed mouth and silence,
My sad eyes are sucked out
clean through these sockets,
I thought I'd get a count down
You said,"I promise"

Show your bones that are blasting out a show,
The cargo hold is the only one gasping now,
Brittle bones bursting like a party popper,
Pixels pleasure stop,
They stay styled for the after party

You're in pieces, dear boy
Come correct, and erect your neck,
Who's got the manual,
My father never needed to see instructions,
Rearrange your skeleton,
You look just fine with your spine aligned,
I meant who's got the god damn map
Mission impossible through impassable structures

Your bones are shot
like 3rd world wraiths
raised in war torn faith,
Racing away through tracks of treble,
Lower the bass or there'll be trouble,
In the cargo bay
we'll lay to waste

"Where do you go when nowhere feels like home?"-FBMF