Seasonal Shift

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It was Autumn known

best by a leaf crunched

under a gymshoe 'neath

wind-blown bare boughs,

ashiver 'neath darkening 



Winter falls but Winter 

don't care when wet

winds whisper "Goodbye" 

in the ears of Autumn.

Winter shouts, Freeze!

Thaw! Freeze some more.



Spring advances evincing

shyly until Robin-harbingers

arrive. Here, inevitable flora 

sneezes pollen-gifts that

drift across a shock of gold

where dandelions covet once

all-green places. Spring

munches and neatly nibbles

left-over leaves to feed



Summer yawns, rouses 'neath

dense green veined shade

born of bud bowed branches.

Its radiance warms lakes, heats

sidewalks, creates wave-miraged

roads. Puzzled cloud-thin blue 

watches park toddlers march

in unsure first steps 'neath

Sol's August-tinged smile.


Lady A