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Deaths by firestorm descending

stairwells made of pallet stacked wood

the venue was an unsafe building

going roofward was no good.


Conflagrationed death unyielding

getting out fast to beat the flames

flight and fear watch close walls melting

bodies as ashes have no names.


Nine dead several dozen missing

they chose to follow the crowd

an exitless inferno about them hissing

melting life screams terror loud.


While celebrants listen to electronic song

thick fire smells like burning oak

the orange element's embrace is strong

wrapping the party inside its cloak.


Hellish arson, rebellious wires,

or careless smokers, some senseless reason

unimaginable horror death by fire

enshrouded during Christmas season.






On December 3, 2016, early morning, a fire swept a party venue in Oakland, California. (510) 332-4092 was painted on the front of the building.