The Illiterate Messiah of Illiterate Literature Puking a Poem at You

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The Illiterate Messiah of Illiterate Literature Puking a Poem at You
a poem by his Excellency the Grand Illiterate Messiah of Illiterate Literature: Wolf Larsen

Warning: some sexual imagery you have been warned!

I will now puke a new poem at you!

The sea of craziness in my testicles is a giant painting of everything devouring the world with one gulp!

My penis shoots the words across universes of dandelions...

My hands gesture new words into existence every second — and as the seconds fly by my hands create the new words
that will create the new poetry that will create the new world!

All I ask is for the reader to get on his knees in submission before the poem!

Because the poem is a hurricane drowning reality and flooding the world with the brains of the Poet...

Only the Poet can be a god, only the Painter can be a god, only the Composer can be a god!

With his music the Composer composes the world into existence...

The Painter crates a new world every time he creates a painting...

And the Poet stands in the center of the universe creating everything with poetry...

Each word is made out of steel!

Each poem is a fire burning down everything in its path just like the great Shermans March!

I am a civil war exploding out of me, every poem is an explosion of me!

Each phrase of poetry is a tidal wave!

Each poem is an eternal sea surrounding the reader, and all readers must drown in my words...

My spermatozoa created the world!

And I built the universe with my bare hands!

My pen is the phallus that all women crave!

My poetry is colonial architecture throughout new Spain from the Rio Grande to Patagonia!

My poetry is every volcano on the planet waiting to explode right now!

My poetry is 1000 Salvador Dali clones all babbling surrealistic imagery in your brain night and day — my poetry is your 24 hour seven day a week nightmare!

Give me your wife! I will create giant art with your wife! I will create a grand new universe with all of your wives & mothers & daughters because I am the Poet — I am the horny-ist thing that has ever lived!!

My lust seethes in every poem like the earth under your feet seething with earthquakes!

My love is a giant earthquake that you must surrender to!

My fists are ready for other men! In self-defense so many males have fallen before my fists!

Let the desert sands carry my poetry across the earth!

Let eternity embrace my poetry!

Let my poetry create a new planet — a new human race — a new society! I am the Poet — I am the Messiah of words!

Poetry begged for me to be born!

And here I am!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Copyright 2015 by Wolf Larsen