Be Lovable Still, All You Lonely Hearts

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Attention weathered hands!
Remember what defines you;
even in the face of hardship..
reinforce a stern bow
Never lay your weapons down;
be it a Bic, an ASUS, or a bizarre cranium
Never accept that you are internally noble;
take as much fault in your mysterious nature
as you do with your administered judgement in others
the cleansing of fault
and lightened judgement
the ultimate destination
Consider over analysis as a waste of flavor
rotting away the soul's marrow to tatters
Exercise reflection
mitigate tired muscles
and treat yourself to acceptance;
not as a foamy dollop
but as hearty soul food
Be lovable still
with unrelenting convictions flourishing
Unearth courage to instill honest values
Practice poise and preparedness to establish
and reap the ripened potential
encapsulated within your greatest moments
All frozen, band-less digits
be more than categories define!
be spirited, be humble, be ready, and be free