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I have a disease that won't leave till I'm dead,

And you wonder why I won't get out of bed,

Should I pass it on to the woman that I wed

And to the children that we bred

Did God hear what I said

When I pled

Go ahead

Make me dead!

I just wanted it all to end

Where were you friend?

You had happiness to lend,

Letters of forgiveness to send

Were you just around the bend

Arms ready to embrace?

Can you take me from this place,

To wash the sadness from my face?

Are your shoes already laced

To participate in the race

To lift me up from disgrace?

Can you save me from me?

Can't you see

Love is free

Until you pass on a disease

So don't show up please!

You're not who I thought

What you brought

What you wrought

It's insane

Brings me pain

Ends my game

What am I sayin'?

I'll keep playin'

And keep prayin'

That you'll stop the spreading

That you'll stop regretting

I hope one day you can start letting.

Letting the good come with the bad

Letting go of all the sad

Stop the negativity and just be glad.

As for me

Well you see

Shit happens, you agree?