Jean Marie Merson

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There is conflict over the abortion issue with at least 5 different opinions:
1. Those who think all abortion is murder and therefore should be illegal
2. Those who believe that women are sovereign over their own bodies
especially since women can die in childbirth
3. Those who believe 1st trimester abortions should be allowed
4 Those who believe 1st and 2nd abortions should be allowed
5. Those who believe all trimester abortions should be allowed, even
when the fetus would be viable outside the body.
by Jean Marie Merson


Oh the Merchants of Death are arriving today.
Their reasons are many but death is their pay.
Is this person unwanted, unloved, or untimely?
Is his sex incorrect or his I.Q. not finally
Just what it should be?
They are sex and race free in their frantic endeavors
Everyone’s game for their pop control measures
And the best thing about this new genocide
Is the victims are all clearly on the inside. Who can see them?
It’s just like they’re really not there.
Growing hearts and brains and toes and hair.
But the Merchants of Death can find use for it all.
In lab Twenty-two which is just down the hall.
A liver, a heart or some brain cells for sale?
It can all be arranged in the overnight mail.
They take care of everything neat as a pin.
It’s as if this person had never been.
They are known by their white coats, their masks or their suits
Perhaps even better they’re known by their fruits:
A harvest of death, of beings dismembered
Whom it’s easy to train yourself not to remember.
If they miss you with implant or suction or pill
They might try again with your own Living Will!
So heed what I say– we will all have to pay,
For the Merchants of Death are upon us today.