Zorya Roginski

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Zorya Roginski is a poet and artist. This is her poem "Blessing":




Lord gonna bless us tonight

Everythin' gonna be alright

Cried the toothless lady

With the sequined hat,

Silvery cane

Wearing flip-flops in the rain.


She smiled at me

With her toothless grin

"hey, mama," she called to me

In her cigarette-booze-stench fog


"May God bless you

In your pain

And help you to use it

For Spiritual gain."


"Lord bless this vessel

For your use

May you find it

Pleasing to you."


She prayed for me

I silently smiled

Haven't been blessed like this

In a long, long while.


Imagine that,

I quietly thought

A poor woman, praying for me

With all that I've got.


This sequined, flip-flopped angel,

Prophetess, sinner-saint,

Speaking truth to life

On a rainy night.


Manna from heaven

Fills me with light.

Lord gonna bless us tonight

Everythin' gonna be alright.