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(Many quotes are paraphrased from being heard rather than read)


The rules are there to protect all of us from those who value the answers they seek more than they care about those they harm

to arrive at thos answers (A character to a vivisector)


 Catherine Coulter character: When I marry

a man he turns from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde.


Cowards are often bullies.


He is as faithful as a tick.


In San Francisco it is not the April flowers

but the fog which brings May flowers.


She's lucky stupidity is not a felony.  (paraphrased)

He could pray sardines out of a can without opening it
(poster's note: but who would want sardines?)
The betraying girlfriend had reached into my boyfriend's pants
and turned the key    paraphrased


He looked at me as if he were measuring me for a coffin. 
A character describes being given advice about a disguise: She told
me no one looks at ugly people.
Dr Maddox, why haven't you given yourself your 'magic drugs'? (the drugs he forces on his human test subjects)
The fact that i wanted to enjoy you did not mean that i wanted
   you across the dinner table from me for the rest of my life
His memory was destroyed like a slaughtered lamb's eaten
brains (very paraphrased)
She was murdering a weed in the garden
Think not of my reaction when you plan your action.
The smell of rotting fish made him gag

(Character speech:) Cardplayers are wastrels.

She was negative and painted everyone with a brush dipped into
manure  (paraphrased0    18


Footnote: Re Coulter;
frequent promotions of
animal flesh eating, product placement, and advocacy of
violent countries' politics.