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There are no words to tell how much hate I feel inside. 


For society's watchful eye. 


The beast that sees your every move that with you reside. 


You cant escape its gaze no matter how much you try. 




You can try and run but it's of no avail. 


Society will be there in your darkest hour. 


To find the shreds of your self esteem most frail. 


It will seek and find you with thoughts but of devour. 




No matter how you try to fight. 


It will be there at every turn. 


It will chase you down and bite.


Society will be your teacher from whom your forced to learn, 




But Alas, tis it the beast with a hundred faces. 


Each one bearing a dark surprise. 


They will appear in the most unlike of places. 


But soon you will or perhaps you realize that each one wears the word demise. 




However it seems that I've run faster. 


But it looks like soon it will be my master.