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Lonely does the snow queen stand.

Heart of stone they say she had.

Lips like roses dripping red.

Body like a golden thread.

Eyes as grey as lifeless death. 


High does the lion king stand.

Heart of gold they say he had.

Brains and bronze he did possess.

Oh but lacked, love’s sweet caress.

But how sweetly he admired the snow. 


Can a heart like fire, melt broken glass?

What love has tethered, will it last?


Bells sounded throughout the land.

Two kingdoms united.

Two lovers pledge their hands.

Before the people the lion king stands.

His new bride is smiling there by his side.


There still standing by his side,

The snow queen bides her time.

There isn't much to say for love thats made of flesh.

And now the lion king must pay the price.

For betraying his loving wife.


What love did tether, didn't last.

What is flesh, but desire to man.


Lonely does the snow queen stand.

Heart of stone they she had.

What the people don't see is the snow queen weep.

Bitter tears stream down her cheeks.

Betrayed, she was, more than once.


That is love.

Agonizing but captivating.

Love is but a human weakness.

Love is the grandest of defeats.

Ah, but there’s the rub.

It isn't something we want nor need.

But loved is all we ever can and hope to be.