I'll walk away.
Just like you did.
Just like you did,
Before you came back
And begged for forgiveness.

I look at you
A pathetic disappointment.
I can't believe
That I was so easily fooled.

You told me that the whole world would become mine.
You told me
That I would be happy.

Am I happy?
Do I look happy?

I have shed blood and tears
Because of you.

The nights when you come home
Drunk and wasted
Are the times where I fear for my life.

I shouldn't be fearing
From you.

You're supposed to be the person
That I come to when scared.
For you me.
You are fear itself.

I want out.
I don't want to be with someone
Who enjoys
Hurting the people around him.

The crack of your belt
Is a sound that I have become
Accustomed to.

The day you look away,
I'll run away.

Escape from this nightmare.

You'll be sorry,
For everything you've done to me.

I'll keep the scars
You've given to me.
To remind me
Of what happened to me.

And to remind me
Of what a stupid idea you were.

Don't look for me.
You won't find me.

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