Air-loom Machine

Everyone can know your secrets if they want to, someones always listening if you think they are, always caught somewhere between heaven and hell, hearing music with voices but no words, something deep within that compels should never be ignored but before you know it you will be borrowing money and getting lifts home watching the architecture coloured with calculators, the rule of thumb if you will. Now I feel we are reaching the heart of the matter, getting to the dangerous pointy objective end, psychopathic elastic feeling weird, searching for the signs that seem ominously reminiscent of life in another universe that pushes the boundaries seeing the party going on in hell. Witnessing the most bizarre dillusion in the history of the world, structural collapse as we know it but you must feed the beast even if the tiger is on your tail, constantly interrupting every question with another, a burned out confused computer designed to confuse its creator in a world where nothing is perfect, all is flawed and defective.

I doubt many people would think that was a good idea.

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