My myth

New work.
I have only wanted you for so long.
I have not yet forgotten you, my beloved.
My love, my heart does not exist anymore.
My myth, I still miss you.

You do not know the pain I hope.
You do not soak, you only throw rain.
Do you not know the misery?
Everything I go through just for you. 

Every little breath I take my mistake.
I wish I could just rake you into a big pile of leaves;
Jump into them like I was 10 and a little kid again.
I will never give up.

I will never lose FAITH
YES, it is true that I let go of you;
But not by choice the voice said go this love is dead.
Instead turn, do not look back, walk away graciously.

Now who is ferocious
Look I am the lion;
I mal- , rips shreds, makes tears and fears, destroys the voice inside my head;
Now instead I say, "I am the hunter hunting you and your pride can not hide or shut doors anymore."

Now look up.
Wonder why and where am I.
Well sweetheart, I have been kicking doors off hinges, the remnants are swinging in the wind in place of what used to be.
Do you see me now sitting on the couch all cozy and not content?

So I see now you are spent, done, hung yourself with your own damn rope.
Now we are at the end.
What do you have left except the sin you dwell in?
Now who is the joke?

All time is up you said.
So I am sitting here wondering why are we both still stuck in each other's heads.
Why all the dreams.
Why all the memories that never fade or go away.

Well love it is because of a couple.
First you can not destroy true love, next people fuck up.
So swallow that pride, see I'm the leader of the pack now pack your bags.
I am taking you out of town to your dreams to a place where people can not take the little things from us.
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