New Faces

1. Many people ask one's culture-

2. “I'm Hispanic-”, “I am Caucasian”, “I am Asian”...

3. But I'm not African American or Nicaraguan.

4. I am not American nor Southern;

5. I am Otha Grimsley,

6. I am my father.

7. Role model attitude, stern personality.

8. Systematic living, holds his dignity.

9. Never just says, he always does.

10. “Eat right, talk right, walk right.”

11. That's his slogan.

12. His children are his own,

13. He's proud and knows we've grown

14. but we're always Daddy's Babies

15. Even when we're old.

16. Growing up in society,

17. Between two clashing environments.

18. Constantly breaking through harsh words of my peers,

19. And reciting the lectures about being closed-minded,

20. To the obnoxiousness and ignorance,

21. That heavily surrounded me.

22. Not just with my peers,

23. But now with my mother.

24. New marriage, new personality.

25. That seems to be the case.

26. “You were never this way.”

27. For me, she's now pictured and displayed,

28. Like flowers in a new vase,

29. And on a clean canvas,

30. She paints a herself new face.

31. Arguments and miscommunication,

32. One day, the pinnacle of my patience arose.

33. “Why won't you just talk to me? This is your problem!”

34. No... I refused, this was not the problem.

35. “I can't talk to you, you never listen!”

36. The shadows of those words were my feelings,

37. Bottled up for two years, with my silent tears and anger.

38. I can't trust you, stop trying!

39. My head screams in agony, as I plan to see my father.

40. I've been pushed around too long,

41. I have to get away from you!

42. “If you walk out that door, I will call the cops!”

43. Her desperate attempt to frighten me,

44. Only made me worse.

45. How dare she deny my right to see my father!

46. “Call them! I'm not doing anything wrong!”

47. My feet are pounding on the concrete,

48. My eyes leaked hot tears,

49. Like water boiling over the sides of a pot.

50. More anger drew more tears,

51. “I'm such a horrible mother!”

52. “No, don't say that, you are not...”

53. You're not the victim!

54. My tears suddenly spilled as she wins all the glory.

55. She gets solace, as I get pounded with forsake.

56. As my escape arrives,

57. I gather my thoughts, my tears and my belongings.

58. I hop in and sigh.

59. Finally, my turn for solace.

60. As I spend the weekend laying on relief,

61. And still sipping on reminisce,

62. I believe I made significance in the house.

63. Things aren't the same,

64. Actually quite awkward...

65. And begin to play tug-of-war with,

66. Wow, I feel bad...

67. And no I needed to do this.

68. But overall I decided to stick with my stance.

69. Although I returned, to new a house with stiffness,

70. I thought maybe I can get used to this.

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