Thunderstorms in my heart 1-24-04

2003 and later

There is a thunderstorm in my heart.

It rises and falls like a mid-spring rain

There is no telling when it will pick up or end

No one can help it’s striking pain

Family and friends try to help

But God is the only cure

He is in control of my heart

He decides if it’s completely pure

The storm is hazardous to all who are near

With a striving force it can be fought

With love and compassion it will be healed

There is a thunderstorm in my heart, it can’t be learned or taught

God tells me it will last but a moment

Though it feels like a lifetime away

My mind is racing with lightning crashing

Waiting until the beginning of the new day

With anticipation the storm grows more wild

With self-happiness the storm grows more fierce

With pleasing of others the storm will settle

Trying to decide what to do only brings more tears.

My mind is telling me one thing

My heart is with my family and will always be true

Trying to decide what will calm the storm or make it grow

What am I supposed to do.

I look to the Bible for words of direction

I go to the Father above

Everything helps temporarily

But nothing like His love.

I know He is there always will be

But how can I only depend on him

Instead of thinking things out

I have to go on a whim

Faith is like the storm.

It changes and has a harshness to it

People will down  you, make fun of you

Even throw you out to the storm in a cold mud pit

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