What I need now 10-30-00


God give me the strength where I am weak.

God give me the eyes when I can't see.

God give me the power to get through the day.

God give me the ears to hear what you say.

God give me the right words to speak

God give me the courage to help me be me.

God give me the voice to sing your song.

God give me your love to keep me strong.

God give me the brain in order to think.

God give me the legs to stay when I want to flee.

God give me the words of comfort.

God give me all of yor support.

I know I ask alot of you, but God, please keep me strong for I am weak.

And God please give me the ears, because I can't hear.

Please God love me because my love for you is so dear.

I need you oh Lord, I've had the need since I was born.

I know I'm not always on the right path,But please God give to me what you swore.

God I love you so much, I know I don't always show it,

But my love is the kind you can't see let a lone touch.

I know you'll be here when I need you and I thank you so much for that.

But right now I am very doubtful, you can thank the devil for that.

He's come into my life in so many ways, I try to keep him out.

But he's here day after day.

I swear I know your love is true.

But if you were in my situation, what would You really do?

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