My placement 10-13-00


Sitting between two social groups Trying to find my place.

Looking for people I know, blank grin on my face.

Trying to find where I belong, looking to my friends and family

Will I ever find where I'm from, or supposed to be?

Looking for an answer I can't find.

I'm almost positive I'm losing my mind.

You have never helped me so I wonder why or if you will even care when I die.

I don't know when or where to begin.

But I know for a fact I'll never get rid of all this sin.

You come toward me smiling then I watch you walk right by.

I was really hoping you were the one, me your girl, you my guy.

I sit next to you all through the day,

Yet it seems like you have nothing to say.

You think you're so special because you have so many friends.

But if you really think about it, how many will be there in the end?

I may not have the looks, or even be smart.

But when it comes to being true to my friends, I have have the heart.

You will never know how you have influenced me,

But I don't really care because If I act like you, I'm not being me.

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