My heart 10-16-00


You've broken my heart one too many times.

You've cheated my heart with all your secrets,affairs and lies.

You've taught my heart to be kind.

You've given my heart liking, now I can't find.

You've told my heart that it'll be missed.

You've given my heart its last kiss.

You've overwhelmed my heart with all your kindness

You've shown my heart all your meanness.

You've proven to my heart that you're not who I thought you were.

You've pained my heart when you didn't give it care.

You've told my heart you liked it for what is was and no more.

You've said it was loved, then you showed it the door.

You've promised my heart all the riches in the world.

You swore to my heart that I was the only girl.

You've torn my heart lying to it like you have.

You've kept secrets from my heart keeping me away from your love.

You've broken my heart by all that you do.

You've weakened my heart because I really liked you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

some guys just don't know how to treat girls with respect. *cough*Josh*cough*

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