The sky 10-13-00


The pumpkin colored moon hangs in the deep blue sky.

The fullness of it scares me, with it glaring down, filling me with fright.

The sky fills with brilliant colors.

With all its pinks,purples, and blues

It makes me ponder why I'm scared of that pumpkin colored moon.

How the earth reflects so odd.

Staring at the sky and all it's beauty

Looking through the opposite end of the car makes me feel silly.

As the day goes on, many things will change.

I like watching the colors and clouds rearrange.

Then it becomes warm, with the wind blowing all around

The sky seems endless while standing on the ground.

As it gets cold and dark, everyone goes home

To spend the night being all alone.

The stars come out and how they shine so bright.

I try to comprehend all the beauty with all my might.

The midnight blue sky is covered with sparkling brightness.

The new moon is the only form of lightness.

When it is completely dark with all the stars shining down,

I am left in the world cold and alone.

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