6-10-00 What would happen?


If only you could fly everywhere you wanted to go.

Would you be able to know what you now know?

To miss out on what's going on in the streets below.

If only you could turn back time to when everythingwas good.

Would you really want to spoil what you have learned from your experiences?

To take a risk of being a different person.

If only people could read each others minds.

Would you really want to know what they felt?

To risk hearing what they really thought?

If only this world wasn't so corrupted.

Would people actually be kind with respect?

To see everone get along.

If only there was no such thing as pain.

Would people still live a normal life?

To be happy and go lucky..

What would happen if all these things could really happen?

How different would the world be?

Would we even recognize it compared to what we now live in?

If only you said everything you felt.

Would peolple respect you more?

To give those you love, heartache which comes with each word you say.

If only you could get everything you prayed for.

Would you really know what to do?

TO realize you don't need those things, but rather want them.

If, suppose, and many others are just WORDS.

None of these things could really happen. But what if they did?

Would you really want them after you got them?

To be someone you regretted being.

Don't "if" and "suppose" your way through life.

Live it as it is. With no changes, but the ones you can make and mose of all, the ones you need.

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