The dance 2-4-00


She walked into the building with a nonchalant ease. There was no care in the world, as everone said her name in awe. SHe saw some of her friends, talked to guys and then began to dance.She danced as she never danced before, people stood by watching, learning her moves. She showed her skill as if she were a pro. No on made fun of how she looked because she looked better than usual. No one made fun of how she danced, for she had her own music and rythm.

Now she looks back on this time, recalling all the fun times she had, describing the best time of her life to all her children and grandchildren. She wishes for one last thing before she dies, to go back to the place where all her dreams came true, the place where people respected her for who she was. Back to the days where all was young and finallyback to where her life began, the dance.

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