Back in Five Fold 2-17-00


People stare as if they have no minds.  People act like they can win people over.  Believe me there are all kinds.  They sit there with no common sense.  They can only criticize what they don't understand.  They don't want to be caught with the judging hands.  People go on each day acting like fools.  Thinking people will forget what they did.  No one who gets tortured can fully forgive those who judged.  In the long run, they will be the one holding the grudge.  The victims may not know it now, but eventually they will let people down.  You wonder how everything gets so filled with hate.  You try to talk to people but they don't comprehend.  You wonder what would have happened if your feelings ypu told,  Believe me, the world would be much different if things always came back in five fold.

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