Why me? 8-19-00


Why am I always at the butt of the joke? Why do people tease when they have no right? Why am I the one who always gets yelled at? Why am I to blame when there's a fight?

People come and people go, but no matter how mean they are, they will always get it back in five fold.

Why am I so hypocritical? Why can't my life be meaningful?Why do I act like such a pain? Why is my world so lonely and cold?

You should always love the enemy, and of course those who are friends. But it's so hard when you have animosity.

Why can't I find love? Why is my life so plain? Can you bear to look at me? Or will you go insane?

Give yourself more credit than to judge others on looks. Be happy, something you wouldn't will all those pills you took.

Why do I breathe? Why do I feel? Why can't I live? Why don't wounds heal?

Be yourself, don't give up. Don't go dillusional even after a hard break up.

Who am I? Who will I be? Am I you? Why me?

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