My Life My World 4-7-00


I hate being called names I hate how people tell me what to do

Why can't I live a normal life? Why can't I see what you do?

Why do you tell me I'm something I'm not?

Why can't you see I've got something I hate alot?

People flaunt their hair, makeup and style

When I'm standing in the back, ignored all the while.

Why won't you let me do what I want with my life?

I can't tell you how much I have of anger and strife.

You want me to be something I don't know how.

You don't understand how I am feeling now.

I try to solve my problems on my own

You compare them to the ones you've known.

But how can you say it'll be ok?

If you know how I'm feeling each and every day?

I hate how friends talk behind eachother's backs

Why am I living in a world so out of wack?

My body is my world and that which I live in

You won't believe how much it's corrupted with sin.

Can you honestly say you'll be there forever?

So many times I've been hurt by friends that weren't there ever

Can you honestly say that you'll be by my side?

Sticking through the hard times, even when I never try?

It's hard to know I'm wrong and you're right

Are you going to listen to me, or just leave my sight?

I have to tell you what I'm feeling is bad

But how can you hope for something good living the life I have?

I go to my friends looking for help

All they say is look inside myself

If I do this, my world would be hell

To look inside means I'd have to look at my body and dwell.

I hate the way I look for some sad reason I can't tell

Why can't I be like you, so pretty and kind?

I don't understand why I compare myself to you in my mind.

I look at your group coming down the hall,

Dreading what they'll say, or will the even see me at all?

I sit here making a rough draft for everything I think

I lay in my bed thinking of tomorrow, wanting to sink.

Why don't you just leave my head?

The only way to fix that is being dead.

Death will kill my thoughts and dreams

I don't really mind because right not I want to scream!

DOn't get me wrong, I'm not suicidal

I just want to learn what I am, I have alot of problems.

I never want to end my world

But sometimes it seems so lonely and cold

I want to be happy, I don't want to be sad

Why can't I be anyhting I want, is it really that bad?

I want to get over this phase

Maybe it will go away in a year, week or a couple of days.

I guess I've come to the end of my thoughts,

Please tell me you'll be there for me as a friend, don't act like I'm someone you bought

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all try to find our place in the world, when all along we are just trying to find our true self

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