Sleepless Sleep 2-20-00


Sleep has enveloped me into it's spell. I often dream about many weird things.

I have laughed

I have cried

I have lived

I have died

I often wake up in a cold sweat

Some dreams I so want to forget.

I get pulled back into it's spell

On me, it seems to dwell.

I wake up hoping to escape this mental world

Curling up in my blankets for warmth, I'm so cold.

Please let me sleep on my own

Don't bother me, just leave me alone!

Wait a minute, I haven't fallen asleep yet

Everything I've thought was reality, Everything I've done I regret

I can't get to sleep afraid of what will go wrong

But I can't pull away from its beautiful song.

Getting drowsy from not a wink of sleep

Into my mind all nightmares and happiness creeps.

Put me to bed

Get out of my head!

Lay me down

I hate that sound

I have to leave, wanting to run

Away from all thoughts into the sun

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You will find that when you write at 2:30 in the morning words tend to tell the reality of the dream world

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