The battle 2-7-00


As she tries to cover her tear-stained face, she feels a sense of depression and lonliness come over her. She tries to talk to people about ehr problems, but nobody will listen. She goes through life turning to God fore every answer. Asking "why", seems like He doesn't listen. Thinking of the past only hurts. Thinking of what may lay ahead gets destroyed by the present. She wakes up every morning wanting, trying to be someone she's not. SHe only ruins what she really wants, because she wants to please everyone else. She knows in her heart she has to be strong, but she feels animosity coming from everyone. She goes to sleep every night thinking what a failure she's been to her family, and how she hopes she will do better day after day. She knows she can never be everything people want, but they make her feel worthless, nothingness, and above all, in the way. In the way of egotistical brothers who don't want to be seen with their younger sisters. In the way of quarels that will only go down hill. In the way of just plain life, wanting everything to go how it refuses to. In the way of herself, emotions fighting with each other, batteling until she goes insane.

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