Who Is? 4-28-00


Who is the bread for the hungry, and the money for the poor?

Who is all we could ever want and more?

Who watches over us as we sleep, and teaches us right from wrong?

It's so easy to find Him, why are you taking so long?

Who doesn't care about hair or makeup

For you he will always stick up (for)

Who doesn't call you names and you can love with all your heart?

From you, he will never want to part.

Who will help you with all your problems when you don't have a clue?

Who will forgive you no matter what you do?

Who will be helpful when you go astray?

He'll be there to get you on your way.

Who is this with a question mark by his name?

You won't find him in the guiness book or even the Hall of Fame

THis, you don't find just looking around.

He isn't in the sky or on the ground.

You can't see him in the opnen blue or even in a shadow.

You have to look deep with in your heart.

This wonderful objects inst's just a name,

Once you have him in your life, you won't ever be the same.

He will comfort you when you're down and blue.

No matter what the circumstances, he will always come through.

He loves it when you say his name out loud

He will always be there no matter who you hang around.

His name is Jesus Christ our Lord by Him I'll always pray.

And in my heart he will forever stay.

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