Birds 4-8-00


Why do the birds fly so high? We can barely see them in the vast blue sky.

Why does the dove seem such a lonely bird? God made it stand for peace in this distant world.

Why is the raven so black yet kind? It make you think a certain way in your mind.

Why is the robin so common and popular? It's so peaceful you could make a sculpture.

Why is the loon so pretty with a distant sound? You can barely see it in the water and on the ground.

Why is the hoot owl so wise? Can you see all it's knowledge behind those eyes?

You could go on and on thinking of birds that act like humans.

The dove is the child that stands out in the crowd. No one hears him, even if he screams out loud.

The raven is the child who is misjudged. Everyone hates him so they hold a grudge.

The robin is what the child wants to be. A scupture everyone lines up to see.

The loon is just an ordinary child. Never speaking his mind, seeming so mild.

The hoot owl is what everyone wants their child to be. He's so humiliated and confused, he doesn't want to be seen.

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