You 2-7-03

2003 and later

You are the bright sun

Peeking through rain filled clouds

You are the green grass

After a winter storm

You are the heat from a fire

That always keeps me warm

You are the smile

Upon my laughter

You are the sunlight

In my hair

You are so sweet

And you'll always care

You are the smell on

All the flowers

You are the twinkle

In my eyes

You are the blueness

In the vast sky

You are the sugar

In all the candy

You are the tone

In my voice

You have the spirit of a child

Playing with his favorite toys

You bring joy

To my every word

You have the sense of humor

Of a clown

You are so fun to be with

So easy to hang around

You are the clothes

Upon on my back

You are there by my side

When I need you most

You hold me in your arms

Oh, so very close

You are the paper

Upon which I place my pen

You are still with me

Through the hurt and pain

You are my umbrella

In the pouring rain

You are all that matters

Here and now

You are the letter

In the envelope I send

You are who I'll be thinking of

Now, until the end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the man of my dreams who makes me feel so complete.

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