Judgement Day 1-21-00


They sit high in their chairs.

Wearing skirts and suits,

They have eveyone's attention,

Watching you like an eagle.

They call on someone,

Asking for their opinoin.

The people give their answers

In a couragous tone.  

They hope it wont be degraded

By The people above.  

They are chosen to come near,

They are Judged.  

Oh, how much they have sinned.  

They stand tall waiting to be accepted.

They dread the fear of being rejected

Tey hear arguing behind them

Seeing one after another

Fall into a pit of fire

Or rise into heavenly clouds

They wait with anxiety.

    I'm next!! What will I do? What will I say?

Wait 'til they speak to reaveal how you feel...

    It was a breeze I finally passed the hardest test

                   Judgement Day!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all have tests in our lives, some more difficult than others, but regardless.. they are there. There is one test we can't cheat on, for the answer key is only in the hands of our creator.

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