The littler things 6-10-00


Have you ever noticed the littler things in life?

Whether it's the way the bright colors of the malard duck shine in the glistening sun. Or the way people converse when the day is young. Or maybe when the sun is at it's highest point in that vast blue sky, when shone on the lake it could blind your eyes. Or could it possibly be the way you just take things day to day? I have just now begun to see the littler things. When I see children laughing or when I see the great big red oak tree shed it's unusual shaped leaves. Have you ever noticed how lightning brightens the sky? It's only for a brief second, but it makes you feel this antisipation and adrenilin rush through you with great speed. I hve also come to notice the way thunder seems to roll over ever cloud when it pounds your ears. It can be so loud, and yet, you can hardly get scared. Also the sounds of the pitter pattering rain. If you listen real intently, you can hear a whole pattern. I have just now begun to see a few of these littler things.

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