What Is This? 1-12-00


What is this I can never get right?

To me life is a big fight

What is this I’m feeling?

Loneliness, depression, or no reminiscing?

What is this single tear running down my face?

The answers to a test I will never ace?

What is this comrade everyone feels?

I know it isn’t he who is digging at me with his heels

What is this test I’ve been given? Mental, physical?

Or maybe the way to find out how much I’ve sinned?

What is this I carry deep inside?

They way out/ I surely can’t find

What is this I’m feeling? Nothingness, emptiness,

Or no self-being?

I keep all my thoughts to myself

For I know if I share them, they would be put

In the back of your mind on a dusty shelf.

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