Sometimes 10-16-98

1999 and before

Sometimes you are so lonely, you wish you could die

Sometimes you get so angry, you think you need to get high

Yet worse things happen in this world today

Just keep it cool, and you’ll be okay

Sometimes you feel depressed, you want everything to go away

Sometimes you feel jealous, and you want your own way

Be true to yourself and your colors will shine through

Believe in yourself and others will see it too

Sometimes you get so sad, you start to bawl

Sometimes you get so frustrated, you want to punch a wall

Recognize your surroundings, trees, birds, and the wind

You’ve been forgiven, no matter how much you’ve sinned

Sometimes you feel hated because everyone says, “Ya wanna fight?”

Sometimes you feel worthless because people say “You’ll never get it right”

Now I’ve learned to put it all in the past

Because you don’t always have to come in last.

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