so she finally gave up

on the man he said he'd be

and decided that she'd be content

with just the memory

all the things he'd promised

dried like raisins in the sun

and the love that he had sworn was hers

had never really begun

he treated all her feelings

with such casual disdain

and rather than a heart of joy

he gave her days of pain

the accusations and distrust

he dealt her every day

left holes in her tender heart

that she was sure would stay ...

until the day she finally woke -

with open eyes she saw

that he was just a mortal man

she looked hard at all his flaws

the steady and abiding faith

she'd placed in his hands

turned to dust and died that day

though he didn't understand

reclaiming what was left

of what once had been her life

she stood up tall and wiped her tears

and walked into the light ~


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