My Shiny New Car



“My Shiny New Car”




My paint is scratched, dirty and marred.


My seats are torn and the tires bald.


My engine needs oil, my tires air.


My tanks take a lot, just to get me there!


It moans and growns, runs a little hot.


The windows are cracked, but not a lot!


The shocks are worn and the headliner torn.


My car lights up, when I blow the horn.


My timing is off, my fenders are dented.


My radio works and smells pine scented,


The girls are not crazy, about its looks!


The mechanic said, I think you’ve been took.


I tried to return the car you see!


The Dealer said, “I’m busy don’t bother me!”


It’s old and ugly, quicker then a bus.


Thanks to the talent of a man named Gus.


She is over mileage, past her prime.


That shiny new car, she’s all mine!




William J. Roney III

Copyright ( C ) 2019

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