It Wasn't Me



“It Wasn’t Me”






I ran through the street, as fast as can be!


I looked back to see, someone chasing me!


I thought to myself, this can not be!


Someone screaming and shouting, shouting at me?


Out of breath, sweat pouring from my face.


I looked for a safe, resting place.


Through the bushes, over fences!


In a back yard, a dog barks and pinches!


Looking for water, I clearly could see!


The men in blue, searching for me.


I thought to myself, what a bad dream.


This old lady, started to scream!


I did my best to cover my trail.


No one wants, to land in jail!


I told them a story, what happens to be?


I made it clear, “IT WASN’T ME”!




William J. Roney III


Copyright ( C ) 2019

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