The Last Goodbye


"The Last Goodbye"

My neighbor's moving the house is for rent,

he got the calling it's Heaven sent!

He would party all night and trash my lawn,

bump my car in the early dawn!

My neighbor's house sits in the dark.

The stupid dog, won't even bark!

The vandal's leave presents of some sorts,

some shoes, some shirts and even their shorts.

They painted his house, paper his lawn.

They flattened his tires, leave before dawn!

He sits in the garage, music blaring!

Waving at neighbors, not even caring.

The others and I, clearly agree.

This guy must go, before winter's snow!


The truck starts up, spits and gurgles.

This is it, the final hurdle!

Everybody waves, at poor old John.

You'll never be right, when your born wrong!

William J. Roney III

Copyright (C) 2019


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