I don't believe it

The security officers at Stone Oak Methodist Hospital know's about, how you say?

I had to pick up the car from security cause valet, where you drop off the car and they park it for you. I got the key from security at closing. They gave me my key and I was off to get the car.


Well I went out the door and made a right to the disabled parking walked to the end, no car!

My legs quit working like at storage, remember? Had to push the code blue button on this metal pole and told security that they have to come and get me cause I couldn't walk back to the front desk.


After security pushed me in a wheel chair to the front desk the man told the guy " have him sign a waver." Told the guy I'll sign if it would keep the peace, I was in my black Solo Surveillance shirt and hat. The officer told me he would get the car for me so I signed the waver, the car came up and I told the second officer "I'll sign if that will keep the peace, he just smiled. Off I went by myself to home James. Sunday the pastor shows up and DRILLS me about Solo Surveillance so I talked to him about it " I got one camera hanging" then I told him I do copyright ad's  for Mexican restaurant so I gave him my postpoems.org sight and he said a payer for us and off he went.


 Then Monday the valet charged me $5.00 for having a disability card in the window "Discount"

I gave my ad for Los Generales, " Don't leave home without it" to a nurse and I showed Molino Rojo ad, I kept that he was inpressed told all the nurses and security got words from the pastor,

Now everybody calls me Mr. Roney the Hospital knows what I do (2) jobs. ha ha ha ha it was a grand day!


P.S. I don't leave home without it, I don't lie to God it happened


Solo Surveillance

Chief Security Officer


William J. Roney III

Copyright (c) 2019

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