*The Tears Of An Angel Only Angels Cry*



 Dedicated to Derrick Mann


Tears come from angels

And well that they should

For no one can give love

The way only they could


The tears of an angel

Are more precious then gold

They nurture our spirit

Allowing love to unfold


The tears of an angel

They come from her soul

We should ask ourselves why then

Could it be because of my role


These tears are not selfish

As at first may appear

They fall for a purpose

It's you she holds dear


If you should happen to be he 

Who started the flow

You got my envy

Aware of great love you could know


I caught the tear of an angel

How lucky could one be 

Though it lasted so briefly


It has forever touched me 

A feeling that will last forever

Something that will never be set free

For this day we'll always be together 


The tears of an angel

Only angels cry

I've fallen in love with you 

For a little while even though we may part

This is no where of saying good-bye

Because my angel you're forever in my heart 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my angel Derrick Mann

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