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Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

The tree swishes in the early morning 
Swish swish 
Sitting up against it 
My mother yelling a warning 
Who could of  imagened it was born from a small little seed 
The tree had two branches low to the ground 
With bright yellow flowers with tiny nector for the birds to feed 
As they are perched sitting peacefully with thier beautiful melody sound 


Looking at the branches again 
So tall and muscular 
It's like the arms were trying to hold me 
I would sit there until days end 
Feeling the light warm breeze across my face 
A calming through my body it would send 
My heart at a slower pace 


I knew it was time to go 
When I heard my mother say "come in" 
But i didnt want to because I wanted to stay 
The big beautiful tree looked so alone 
But on that cloudless day 
I wish I could of known 
My fate that would play 


As I stood to head In 
The branches that where low to the ground 
Suddenly out of nowhere 
Hit me from behind and made me fall 
I jusy lay there with a blank stare 


I went to get up again 
The branch grabbed my leg 
And pulled me in 
To a dark damp cold hole is all i could see 
That wasnt there before 
No matter how hard i fought 
I couldnt win 
It felt like the tree wanted my soul 
A fear fell over me quickly but yet i still struggled more 
As I did this I only fell futher into the hole 
This once peaceful tree, turned bad 
Had no plans on setting me free 
All of a sudden I felt sad 
In the soul of the bark 
 my life is where i will live I will be 


I was never found 
The tree didnt want me to go 
so he took me within 
He kept my soul 
Now I can see everything he sees 
Stuck in the tall and muscular tree 
Knowing and waiting 
Until it happens again 
I will never leave I will remain as be 
My mother again calls for me 
But returns into the house without knowing 
That never again her daughter she loves 
She will never again see 
No evidenece where i am will be showing 



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