*So Far Away*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Even though the miles come between us 
Know you are always right besides me 
When i tell you I love you my words please trust 
And baby from your heart never set the thoughts of us free 
Even though we are so far away 
Always be certain you are always in my mind 
And that i think of you everyday 
I made a promise to God my way back to your side a way i will find

There's nothing anyone could say 
My priorities are set 
Your the only one for my soul 
There s a reason we met 
To find out the purpose why we are meant to be 
Will forever be my goal

Even though for now i had to let you go 
You wont be sailing free 
For a very long time 
Because i promise you'll one day come back to me

At any time i try to get you 
I don't care if you got a woman 
Baby she cant treat you true 
Baby i wish you would understand 
We keep coming back to each other 
And each time we are back in one another s arms 
It just makes sense we are meant to be together 
To soak up the charms

When you smile 
When you look into my eyes 
That moment lasts in my memory for a long while 
And when I'm with you i have no reason to cry

But now sweety we are so far away 
And all i have is your picture in my memory 
And your sweet calming voice on the other end of the phone 
But i will always remain true to my heart 
And try To not feel all alone 
For me My love you are for me the only one 
And for as long as i live 
In my mind you ll never part 
And all of me to you 
I Forever and Always give


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