Family? What's That?

Grew up in a house I could never call a home,
Surrounded by people but never felt more alone.
I have a brother I haven't talked to in five years,
And the fact that I want to be a doctor drove my mother to tears...
My dad, he's alright.
It's his determined spirit that taught me to fight.
I just wish he wouldn't always look down on me.
He thinks I'm and idiot, calls me stupid, and tells everyone I'm crazy.

...I'm not crazy.
Sure, I'll admit my sanity may be a bit lazy,
But I am most certainly not crazy.

For thinking I can make it on my own.
I'm going to graduate, I'm going to find a place I can finally call home!
It will be a home built on a foundation of friends, a structure I can trust in.
...But I have to admit, even though our relationship is paper thin,
The way they raised me had an effect on who I turned out to be.
So Even though I blame them,
I should really thank them.
So than you...
Now stay out of my life.

-The Craziness

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